General Information

Name Gustave Kenedi
Nationality French-American
Languages English (native), French (native), and Italian (fluent)

Research Areas

  • My research interests are in intergenerational mobility, in particular its measurement and spatial variations, the underlying mechanisms and the policies that can help remediate such intergenerational inequalities.


Work Experience

Teaching Experience

  • 2019-2022
    Introduction to Econometrics with R
    • 2nd year undergraduate
  • 2021
    Fundamentals of Economics
    • Online graduate course in public economics

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • 2015-2018
    Regards Croisés sur l'Économie
    • Student-led economics review published by La DĂ©couverte.
    • Member of the editorial team. Co-editor of issue 21 on globalisation.
  • 2014-2017
    • Student-led economics journal.
    • Co-founder.

Other Interests

  • Hobbies: Tennis, calisthenics, reading.